Born from late-night jam sessions, FATE NITE is what happens when you throw a bunch of amazing musicians on stage with a few hundred of your favorite sing-alongs. Songs are selected at random, with the chords and lyrics projected on a screen for the band and for the crowd.


The Fate Nite Band are a bunch of musicians who love playing together. They don't have a set list-- songs are chosen by a computer at random-- and whether they know the song or not, they give it their best shot.


The RJG chooses the songs. Fate Nite has collected hundreds of chord/lyric charts. At the click of a button, a song appears on a screen on the stage for the band to play and the crowd to sing along.


The audience is what makes Fate Nite so much fun! The lyrics are projected on a screen for the crowd. Every time a new song pops up, the musicians and audience collectively decide whether the band should play it or not.

This set-up has the ultimate potential for both train wrecks and triumphs, sometimes within the course of a single song.



"Fate Nite is my spirit animal."    - Brendan Bayliss



"Nothing said at Fate Nite matters."    - Matt Dewine

















Special guest appearances by:


Barry Brown 

Benji Feldheim

Brad Miller

Brendan Bayliss

Carter Stirtz

Dave Miller

Dave Petrizzo

Fall Classic 

Faraz Chaudry

Jackie Nees

Jared Rabin

Jason Paradise 

Jesse Cryderman

Jim Tuerk

Joe Darnaby

Joel Masinter

Joel Cummings

Josefina Asconapè

Josh Levine 

Kara Cavanaugh

Kevin Smith

Kyle Myers

Laura Lopardo

Lou Silverman

Mitch Mishke

Naomi Culp

Nathaniel Lutes

Nick Gutierrez 

Packy Lundholm

Pamela Sweet Pea Ryder

Patrick Gemkow

Pete Smith


Steph Wendt

The Lunar Ticks

Tif Primus

Tom Perona

Vanessa Robinson

Vince Iwinski 

Wavy Dave



Mike Racky            

Kevin Pulaski         

Kevin Kostelecky   

Dan Moulder          

Joel Janchenko     

Kevin Davidson     

Rick LaCour           

Ryan Mannix          


Micaela Stump      

Beth LaCour     

Pedal Steel